Natural disasters produce a variety of ministry opportunities, but the opportunities in Puerto Rico following the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria are unparalleled.

Career Medical Missionaries Silvina Gonzalez Barrera and her husband, Guillermo, are in Puerto Rico to lend medical assistance to those desperately needing attention since the hurricanes nearly demolished the island recently.

PR Damage

International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis states: “The Barreras areuniquely called and uniquely qualified for this endeavor. Their willingness to go to a severely affected area speaks of their dedication and devotion to do God’s work anywhere. God has ordained this opportunity for them to be a blessing in an overwhelming situation.”

The goal of the Barreras is to provide psychological assistance and counseling, especially to pastoral families and leaders, at a time when many are greatly discouraged. Medical assistance will also be administered to the leadership families, along with helping communities where Churches of God are located; specifically, San Juan, Mayaguez, Las Marias, and Ponce (13 districts of the island).

Facing the challenges of no water or power as yet, and roads and routes still complicated in reaching areas in need, the Barreras will also conduct workshops targeting post-traumatic stress. They feel no sacrifice is too great to lend their valuable help for the bleak future ahead for Puerto Rico.

International World Missions Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes says: “World Missions is grateful to be a part of the restoration process following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Your faithful donations have made it possible for Church of God World Missions to send Drs. Guillermo and Silvina Barrera to Puerto Rico to provide much needed care. May God bless the efforts of this talented couple in Puerto Rico!”

Project #065-0502