The heart of the missio Dei (mission of God) lies in the Father sending the Son, the Father and the Son sending the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit sending the church to continue the work of Christ. Jesus Christ came into this world to seek and bring salvation to lost humanity (Luke 19:10). Since we are the continuation of His ministry through the Holy Spirit, the church should also be seeking those without knowledge of Christ and proclaiming His message to the lost.

Sadly, Jesus revealed to His disciples (and us) that more people would go down the wide path that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14). Anyone involved in missions or evangelism regrettably admits more people reject Christ than accept Him. While that is painful to accept, there is little the church can do about that heart-wrenching reality.

However, there is something the church can do about the millions and millions of people who walk down the path to destruction, because they simply do not know there is a narrow path that leads to life. The love for the lost souls that compelled Jesus to come and die for sinful humanity should also thrust the church into the corners of the earth in search of those who have never heard that there is a God who is seeking them and desiring to save them from the path they are currently on. May Christ’s church yearn with the heart of C.T. Studd who so elegantly proclaimed, “Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.”[1]

Finally, the church should reach out to the unreached peoples of this world for the same reason we do every good work or act of love—the cross of Jesus Christ.

The blood of Christ simply does not allow us to turn a deaf ear or blind eye to the more than a billion souls who know little to nothing about what the Son of God did for them. It would be like possessing the cures for the world’s worst diseases and simply keeping them to ourselves. The cross does not allow indifference, silence, or detachment from our participation in the mission of God to reach lost humanity. The cross demands our utmost commitment and dedication to make Christ known to all the world … regardless of where they live, what color they are, or what language they speak.

This is not simply a task for missionaries, specialized organizations, single denominations, or even the church in a particular country. Bringing the gospel to the unreached peoples of the world is a task for the whole church, and “Only as the church fulfills her missionary obligation does she justify her existence.”[2]

 Dr. Vance Massengill serves as Education Coordinator in the Middle East.

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